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Research has shown that 90% of horses coming from Iceland have a lot of stress on flying, even though they often do show it on the outside. Furthermore, they have almost all painful acidified muscles due to hours standing tensed in a specific attitude in the plane.

Each horse is different, one is more sensitive and faster out of balance than the other. But stress has a major influence on the immune system and the resistance. It is very important that the stress and immune system first come to rest after import. Especially before vaccination. An over stimulated immune system is more likely to develop allergies and develop summer eczema. Furthermore, the diet is also completely different which can also cause physical stress. Depending on the time of year, the day length is also very different, which easily confuses the biological clock. Therefore, imports in October / November are recommended. Possibly also in February / March, preferably not in summer.


A number of issues:

Nutrition à The first three months give just good hay and no pellets or muesli. Not even with a pregnant mare. Possibly some vitamin pellets.

Deworming à Many horses coming from Iceland have worms. During the winter period, you will not find them in manure although worms are present in the bowels. Proper deworming is therefore important. Two weeks after the trip is a good moment

Rest à It's a whole experience such a move. Therefore, the horse needs some time to get used to the new environment and needs to 'land'. Some horses do it quickly, think of two or three motnhs. But there are also horses who take a year. Give them the time they need.

Resistance, stress and immune systemà there are several options for supporting and balancing them. Depending on the age, possible pregnancy etc. a herbal medicine can be formulated.

Vaccination à Vaccination in a stressed body is often the biggest trigger to develop sweet itch. Wait for as long as possible with vaccination. Certainly a week or six. If all horses are vaccinated on stables, the infection pressure is very low. If the stable owner requires you to vaccinate quickly, it is possible to supervise the vaccination with an inversion of the vaccin or homeopathy. This is extremely important due to the stress level and the immune system

Training à After a few weeks of rest, the training can be started again. It is wise to have the teeth checked by a dentist. In Iceland, this is not allways part of the routine and a bit and sharp teeth don’t  go well together. A check by the osteopath or chiropractor is a good idea after the flight, and avoids unnecessary training problems.

Eczema blankets à use the eczema blanket preventive in the first summer


Practice 'The Ilperveld' has compiled an import package to make the relocation from Iceland to ….. the as good as possible. It includes the following products:

• A Herbal tincture to  support the resistance and immunesystem

• A combination of homeopathy, blush remedies and tinctures for stress and emotional balance

• Vaccination guidance




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